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The current website is managed by Veritas Investment Associates, SAS with a registered capital of 476 000 €, whose headquarter is located at 25, place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris - RCS Paris 812 021 582. This website’s main objective is to introduce the company Veritas Investment Associates’ (“VIA”) asset management activity (“VIA AM”) and the products it offers. The main purpose of this website is informational – it does not correspond to any type of selling activity. VIA AM’s clients, prospects or visitors confirm having taken full understanding of the below legal mentions and make commitment to respect them in visiting the present web site. This website falls within the competence of French jurisdiction and is ruled by French law. The publication is managed by VIA’s Director of Publication M. Guillaume Dolisi - also acting as VIA’s Chief Executive Officer. OVH is the company in charge of the hosting side of VIA’s website. WeThinkBeautiful (WTB) is in charge of the management and the design sides of the website. VIA is not responsible for mistakes or absence of information occurring on its website, as well as its content, accuracy or reliability. Part of the information offered can’t be regarded as exhaustive. Hence, they must be closely checked or be further investigated.
 VIA reserves itself the right to correct the content of this website – at any time and with no advanced notice. Any information and data offered on this website are by no mean educational and can’t be assimilated to any advice. Every visitor has to proceed to exactness’s verification and to reuse them with judgment and critical thinking. The information offered on this website exempts by no means the website visitor to get informed elsewhere, before any subscription to any fund.

The visitor can exercise its access rights, of modification, removal and correction by writing to Veritas Investment Associates, 25, place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris, pursuant to the clauses of the Loi n°78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 relative à l’informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés. VIA declines any responsibility in case of damages on files of the Web user (loss, impairment, etc.) due to a bug transmission during the consultation of this website.

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