VIA AM is signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment of the United Nations (

VIA AM shows its commitment relating to the inclusion of social, environmental and governance criterias in its investment policy.

In order to gauge companies’ performances in the various ESG dimensions, VIA AM utilizes its unique accounting normalization technology applied to thousands of stocks across the globe. This accounting normalization process allows to very objectively assess the risks that have a real and measurable effect on companies, and thus on portfolios. VIA AM collects raw elementary environmental, social and governance data from issuers’ financial statements, releases and documents, in particular those appearing off-balance sheet. The identification of these elements shows an in-depth work and quest for the economic and societal truth through the analysis of sometimes very complex financial statements.

The integration of social and environmental provisions by VIA AM in its Full Enterprise Value calculation will objectively penalize economic valuation of companies which exhibit heavy provisions. These companies will not be selected, hence preserving a true ESG dimension in VIA AM’s portfolios.

For instance provisions relating to asbestos, nuclear dismantling, water, air and ground pollution; pension fund deficits, staff indirect retribution such as life insurance policies or healthcare benefit programs, etc.