In this exceptional monthly paper, Mauricio and Jordan reflect on accounting normalization in light of two very powerful and complementary drivers in the historical development of financial markets : academic papers and investment gurus. When relevant, they add concrete real-life examples to some of those reflections, putting them into the context of what is done at VIA AM.

Please find the paper here:  VIA Equity Research – Why we do what we do

About Mauricio
Mauricio is a founding Partner and the Head of Research at VIA AM. Prior to co-founding VIA AM, he held a Senior Analyst position within the CROCI Research Group at Deutsche Bank. For over 10 years, he expanded and improved the global coverage of equities to enable the creation of various successful funds and structured products. 

About Jordan
Jordan is a Research Analyst at VIA AM. Prior to joining VIA AM, he worked as a Structurer in the Equity/Derivatives division of Goldman Sachs International in London. Jordan also held a Quantitative Research position at Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Investment team in New York and at the Paris based Asset Manager Lutetia Capital.

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